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Galaxy's Greatest Grid

Welcome to ArcadeGalaxy. Showcase your creativity and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes!

Unleash your creativity

4 categories, 6 winners.

Galactic Builders

Top 3 accolades for supreme map builders.

Aesthetic Fanatic Award

For the map that dazzle and shine like the cosmos!

Gameplay Explorer Award

A trailblazing journey unlike any other.

Troublemaker Award

Masterfully crafted mayhem and madness on the track!

Sure-Win Goodie

Dive in and secure an exclusive goal skin, only available for participants. This unique reward wont be reissued!

Cash Awards

The winner of the competition would be awarded with cash prizes. Terms may apply.

🥇 First Place: $300 USD

🥈 Second Place: $200 USD

🥉 Third Place: $100 USD

🥉 Special Awards: $100 USD

Unique In-Game Item

All champions will unlock exclusive goal loot, a step beyond the standard participant treasures!

Galaxies Await

The competition is from Oct 19 to Dec 20, 2023

Entry Instructions
1. Click the Join Now to fill out the form.
2. We'll email an invite code within days. Follow the instruction to join ArcadeGalaxy's early access.
3. Create a map in ArcadeGalaxy, name it with #AGMC prefix.
4. Ensure the map is uploaded by clicking the "Upload" button in the map editor menu.
Galaxies Awaits
・ Max 5 uploads. if exceeded, only the last 5 will be considered.
・ No plagiarism.
・ No unethical or immoral works.
・ Ensure the map is uploaded by clicking the "Upload" button in the map editor menu.
・ Event Duration: October 19, 2023, to December 20, 2023 (11:59 PM) (UTC+8)
・ Judging Period: December 20, 2023, to December 26, 2023 (11:59 PM) (UTC+8)
・ Results Announcement: December 27, 2023
・ Prize Distribution: January 2024
・ Winners will be notified via the email provided during registration.
Judging Criteria
・ Level smoothness: 20%
・ Aesthetic appeal: 10%
・ Overall game-play fun: 10%
・ Variety of objects: 10%
・ Complexity of logic objects: 10%
・ Creativity in object use: 20%
Terms and Conditions
  • Information on how to participate in this event, obtain offers, and other event details, along with our platform's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use , are part of the event's terms and conditions. Your participation indicates that you've read, understood, and agreed to these terms.

  • If you fail to submit your work and provide the necessary information within the submission deadline of this event, you will be considered to have automatically forfeited your eligibility to participate. No extensions or re-entries will be allowed.

  • Participants agree to grant the ArcadeGalaxy development team and its affiliated company, Ninth Avenue, a non-exclusive, unrestricted, free right to use their competition entries. They can modify, edit, promote, display, broadcast publicly, and transmit the entries or any included images, videos, scripts, and explanatory texts for promoting the event or their business, services, and products.

  • Participants must be the original creators of their entries and must not plagiarize, imitate, or infringe upon the rights of others.

  • If an entry does not comply with the rules, or the required information and documents are incomplete, the entry will be disqualified.

  • Entries violating public order or morals, damaging the organizer's reputation, infringing upon others' rights, or using copyrighted materials without permission will be disqualified from competition and awards. Participants will bear all related legal responsibilities.

  • The actual number of awards and their content will be determined by the ArcadeGalaxy development team. This includes the right to withhold part or all prizes if entries do not meet the selection criteria set by the organizers or judges.

  • The exchange rate for prize money is determined by the ArcadeGalaxy development team.

  • Participants should respect the decisions made by the organizers during the judging process and should not raise objections.

  • Winners may not request the organizers to transfer the awards to others or exchange them for cash or other items.

  • If unforeseen circumstances prevent the provision of original prizes, the organizers reserve the right to substitute them with items or services of equal value.

  • For any unaddressed matters, the ArcadeGalaxy development team and its affiliated company, Ninth Avenue, reserve the right to approve, change, modify, interpret, and cancel any content related to this event. Should there be any changes in the event format or prizes, announcements made on the official event website will prevail without further notice.

  • We remind you to carefully read the following terms before providing your personal information. If you agree, confirm, or provide personal data, it signifies your consent to abide by these terms and allows the ArcadeGalaxy development team and its affiliated company, Ninth Avenue, to collect, process, and use your personal data provided for this event.

  • In case of any ambiguity or inconsistency in the interpretation of these terms in other language versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.